My Story

UX Design Researcher and brain science nerd. 🧠  

After a completing a research-focused master's in psychology, I started my career studying behavior at the intersection of psychology, evolution, and economics. The insights from this niche line of research revealed the power of letting human behavioral patterns inform the development of user-centered solutions.

I embarked on my journey in UX research when I discovered that the application of my research inquiry could help solve user problems. After working with early-stage startups, I don't fear complexity, I find that tackling those UX problems lead to interesting cross-disciplinary collaboration and rewarding solutions.

Presently; 1) I am studying users and informing design decisions with a team an early-stage startup called GiveShop, and 2) ideating and designing climate action solutions with The Climate Designers.

I'm on the lookout for a full-time opportunity in UX Design Research. I'm always available for freelance work if the right project comes along!